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Brand Survey, Product Research & Promotion

Brand Survey, Product Research & Promotion

Understanding customer perceptions of your business and products stands at the heart of brand awareness. Protecting, redefining, and building your brand can pose a daunting task to even the savviest marketers. Our market research surveys provide valuable intelligence as to your company's marketing presence and the strength of your brand recognition--information that is critical to the success of your business.

Why Conduct a Brand Awareness Research Survey

After spending months or even years developing and introducing products and services to the marketplace, it is tempting to declare "mission accomplished." Corporate inaction at this juncture is misguided and can potentially threaten the time and resources invested in your project. A brand awareness survey can reveal much about the strengths and weaknesses of your products, services, and your company itself, including:

  • What is the "top of mind" brand in the market?
  • What attributes do you "own" versus the attributes competitors own?
  • What are customer perceptions regarding your brand versus the competition?
  • Who are your prospects working with, and why?

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