Our Mission:
To provide sound, solid structured professional service to our
valued clients to enable maximize their business potential

Why Us

Choosing a professional is an important decision for any business. Podder & Associates can provide you and your business with quality service, designed for your needs in a location and at a time to suit you without the price tag to match.

Here are just some of the reasons why you should consider us:

1. Professional & trusted advice:
In Podder & Associates, we value every customers need whether notable or minor. Our consultants are from professional bodies and well conversant with local laws and regulation, i.e. tax, company law, any other regulatory functions. Professionals here are committed to continuing education to stay in-the-know about the latest accounting techniques and regulations.

2. Attentive to details:
Our experienced professionals are always ready to listen to you with flexible timings (to suit your needs) & flexible venues. We can come to you or we can offer one of our states of art training centers, comprehensive documentation and proper guidance to best suit your requirements.

3. Ability to handle critical business issues:
Professionals working for PnA are very much familiar with the business changes and trends and can guide you with proper knowledge, create new ideas to face the adverse situations for business to overcome and run on the track.

4. Premier administrative support:

Podder & Associates believes in customer growth. For this while engaging with a client for a specific support service, we care about other services to be completed fairly in time.

5. Value for Money:
We are here group of professionals in the business to look after everything of clients requirement. We care about money they spend on business operation, development, appraisal and each and every transaction. That's why we provide very competitive service that takes account of the mix of quality, cost, and resource use, fitness for purpose, timeliness and convenience to judge whether or not, when taken together, they constitute good value to the organization.

6. Peace of mind:
You get peace of mind knowing that your business transactions are dealt with a professional committed to providing the best service and ensuring your safety and satisfaction.

Finally we are not consultants but your friends.

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