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To provide sound, solid structured professional service to our
valued clients to enable maximize their business potential

About Us

Podder & Associates has commercially and technically experienced human capital for catering to diverse professional services required by clients. The man-power consists of largely multi-skilled individuals who are supported by sector specific specialists. The firm organizes assignment execution in a manner which reduces the risks of interruption in services due to attrition by constituting an appropriate team with backups and strong documentation.

We specialize in the study of costing, accounting practice, local laws and regulatory boards, market trends and many of our clients come from top manufacturing units, multinational company, media, entertainment, legal, professional services, property and retail industries. As a professional accountant, we agree to follow a Code of Ethics that promotes integrity, safety, and quality which also complies with different business institutions and regulatory bodies.

The firm provides audit and assurance service, direct and indirect tax support and business consulting. The firm has also been providing client specific tailor-made specialized services in diverse fields. Across the service areas, the firm has dealt with a wide cross section of industrial and service sectors. Our services include: Audit, tax consulting and investigations, book-keeping, VAT and company secretarial advice. This is combined with specialized services in corporate finance, personal financial management, human resources and IT consulting.

We're wholly committed to providing businesses, and individual clients, with the full range of pro-active support and advice. We have alliance with different support service organizations, e.g. Legal, Credit rating, IT, Brand & Product promoter to give our valued customers one stop service with less interaction and complexity.
Structure of Podder & Associates

  • Podder & Associates has the following human resources available:
    • 08 professionally qualified persons
    • 27 persons experienced in the field of accounting, auditing, tax or consulting
  • To have multidisciplinary approach the firm also has persons with following qualifications:
    • Professional Accountants (CMAs & CAs)
    • Law Graduates
    • Company Secretaries
    • Diploma in Information Technology (IT)
  • The firm also has network of contracted professionals available in different segments.
  • The firm has the practice of having continuous training of its entire people which has the focus on need based skill improvements, knowledge up-gradation, soft-skill developments and alignment of the goals.
  • Training of its human capital is taken as an in-house activity and persons at all levels are also encouraged to participate in outside programs for overall growth and development.

Podder & Associates- Professional Accountant 24/7

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